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Intelligent Transport System
Intelligent Transport System (ITS) in China

Until 2010, the total length of the roads in China has reached 3,984,000 kilometers, but total number of vehicles in the country has exceeded seventy million, which drops the cities heavily crowded to lag the economic growth. Facing this problem, more and more urban traffic management authority realize that ITS could be the most efficient way not only to reduce the traffic congestion and raise transportation infrastructure capacity utilization but also travel time, air pollution, and fuel consumption.
What Baosight can do about ITS

From early 1996, Baosight started working on urban ITS projects, and now has become one of the most known ITS system providers, ITS integrators and ITS service suppliers. 
1. ITS system provider

Baosight’s ITS systems cover all the ITS major fields, such as traffic flow measurement, traffic signal controller, traffic information disposal, traffic guidance, and traffic information issue, thus serving the urban traffic management to supervise and manage the whole city traffic.

2. ITS integrator

Baosight has the comprehensive capability to design and integrate the ITS project, can construct a single ITS sub-system, such as traffic flow measurement system, traffic CCTV system, traffic signal control system, and also integrate a large scale ITS project, such as the urban ITS control center, which synchronously integrates all the ITS sub-system, traffic flow measurement system, traffic CCTV system, traffic signal control system, Toll-Gate System, traffic guidance system, traffic issue system.

Besides, Baosight is one of the top corporations able to provide solution to transportation hub, which commonly includes taxi, coach, road traffic, subway, flight, and railway.

3. ITS service supplier

Baosight can synthesize all the traffic information with appropriate algorithms, such as traffic simulation model, traffic guidance model, traveler density trend model and so on, judge and affect the area traffic condition, supervise and control the person and vehicle in the district, and provide traffic service to the urban traffic management.

Baosight ITS System List

Electronic Policing System

Traffic Flow Measurement System

Traffic Signal Control System

Toll-Gate System

122 Alarming System

Urban Mixed Traffic Control System

Police Service System

Urban GPS & GIS System

• Microscopic Traffic Simulation System

Traffic Information Issue System

Traffic Information Service System

Urban Traffic Information Data-mining System

Taxi Dispatch Management System

HD Toll-Gate System

Digital Police Vehicle System

• Real-time Traffic Video Acquisition System

Railway Comprehensive Supervisory System

Traffic Congestion Analysis and Management System

Urban Road Traffic Control System

Outstanding Baosight ITS Product Description

HD Toll-Gate System

HD Toll-Gate System will be built at a specific location, such as the key intersection, toll station, checkpoint by the road, then takes photos and records about all the vehicle and non-motor vehicle passing the place, thus outlines the trace of the vehicle in the city, and gives an alarm with the high definition photo of the driver and passenger when finding the suspicious vehicle, which makes great contribution to the urban traffic management and city security.

Baosight HD Toll-Gate System takes leading market share among similar products in China, and has been applied in seven districts in Shanghai.

Urban Road Traffic Control System

Urban Road Traffic Control System is based on the B/S structure to satisfy the requirement of the urban traffic management, who want to supervise and control the traffic status anytime and anywhere. The system successfully applies information technology to manage the area traffic and vehicles, improve the road capacity. The system includes five traffic subsystems and five business subsystems, about one hundred and twenty-eight function modules. Now the system has been applied in the urban traffic center of Changzhou city, Jiangsu province and Zibo city, Shandong province.

Traffic Signal Control System 

Traffic Signal Control System is designed specially for the mixed traffic flow of pedestrian, bicycle, and vehicle in China. The system will coordinate the entire traffic signal controllers around the district, thus to reduce the vehicle delay and parking times, and cut down the travel time so that to improve the whole road network capacity utilization. The product was designed in 2001, and has been widely applied in civil cities.

Typical Project List

Shanghai 2010 World Expo Traffic Information Management System

Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Hub Integrated Information Management System

Shanghai Dalian Rd. Tunnel Traffic Management & Control System

Toll-Gate Full Shot System of Changning District, Shanghai

Toll-Gate Full Shot System of Huangpu District, Shanghai

Shenzhen Traffic Simulate System

Changzhou Traffic Control Center & Traffic Management Control System

Haerbing Traffic Signal Control & Evidence System

Dalian Jinma Rd. Traffic Management System

Wuhan Yangtze River Tunnel Integrated Management Information System

Xiangyin Rd. Cross-river Tunnel Monitoring System

Jiaxin Evidence and Penalty of Violation Management System

Yunnan Dongfeng Tunnel Traffic Monitoring System

Changsha Evidence and Penalty of Violation Management System

Longyan Traffic Control Center & Traffic Management Control System