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100% Hydrogen Bell Type Annealing Furnace

• Baosight Full Hydrogen Atmosphere Bell-type Annealing Furnace is equipped with external pre-heaters and   burners,which can be easily removed without causing damage to the furnace lining fibers, convenient to   maintainance, and ;lower operation cost

• Using widely available PLC controllers to reduce MRO cost

• Baosight specially designed Heat-Resistant AC Motor for Stainless Steel Bell-type Furnaces (Exclusive in China)

• Specially designed circulating fan impellers for stainless steel annealing (Exclusive in China)

• Specially designed Constant Pressure Blower (Exclusive in China)

• Successfully developed hydraulic cylinder for domestic hydraulic oil (Exclusive in China)

• Capable of integrating the L1 and L2 of LOI and EBNER belt-type furnaces, with Chinese/English bilingual   interfaces, easy to manage and operation

Comparative Advantages of Baosight Full Hydrogen Bell-type Annealing Furnace

• Lower price, shorter construction term, the standard delivery period of the furnace cluster with 24 shafts is 11   months. Support individual delivery or EPC (Plant Design + Equipment Design & Supply + Construction EPC;   turnkey)

• Able to provide fine tuned annealing process for various production conditions, relying on the technical support of   Baosteel Research Institute

• Having achieved handling annealing process on 400 series Stainless Steel (Exclusive in China)

• Specially designed Peripheral Equipments for Baosight Bell-type Furnace are available, low MRO cost from   localized spare parts. An alternative to imported furnaces

Completed Projects List: Baosight Full Hydrogen Bell-type Annealing Furnace

  Carbon Steel Coil Annealing

• 45 sets, Liuzhou Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd.

  Stainless Steel Coil Annealing

• 6 sets, Ningbo Baoxin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

• 6 sets, Baogang Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

  Special Steel Wire Coil Annealing

• 4 sets, Nantong Geron Co., Ltd.

• 12 sets, Haimen Ruige Special Steel Wire Co., Ltd.

• 2 sets, Yinliang Steel Mill, Baosteel Special Steel Co., Ltd.

  Bell-type Furnace Renovation

• 46 sets, Baosteel Cold-Rolling Light Plate Factory

• 9 sets, Baosteel Stainless steel branch