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Energy Management System (EMS)

About EMS

Energy Management System, or EMS, is a factory level energy consumption monitoring and management system integrated process monitoring, energy management and energy dispatching. Act as the brain of a steel enterprises' energy systems, it efficiently centralizes monitoring and operation of the energy system. 

EMS is an effective solution to help metallurgical enterprises with energy distribution optimization, rational utilization of energy, ECO-Environmental protection, and to achieve a strategic up leveling from device level energy saving to factory level systematic energy optimization. It is proven that EMS helps the control of a steel enterprise’s complex energy system on integrated energy distribution, energy balance optimization, and gain significantly on less coal gas discharge, better environmental protection, lower unit energy consumption, and higher productivity and energy management efficiency.

The design of Baosight Energy Management System starts from the minimum set of data collection with  lower investment. It provides users with comprehensive solutions in terms of equipment selection, network planning, platform design, tool screening, communication integration, software development, interface optimization and accessibility. Baosight's design experience and product commercialization achievements regarding automation, information, intelligence and system integration is consolidated into the solutions to meet customers' current and future needs for safety, reliability, availability, extensibility and cost effectiveness. The latest development and research achievements in industrial automation and information technology are integrated into the EMS, through constant efforts on R&D investment and creation of "Energy Management System Standards for Metallurgical Enterprises". In particular, based on the industrial experience and technology consolidation from both Baosight and its partners', Baosight manages to deliver maximum values to meet customer's expectation..

Compositions of EMS System

EMS can monitor and manage various energy mediums, including electricity, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, LDG, mixed coal gas, natural gas, compressed air, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, steam, hydrogen, production water and living water.

EMS realizes centralized data monitoring and control for electricity system, power system (fuel gas, thermal and oxygen, nitrogen and argon) and water supply and drainage system for iron & steel enterprises. It achieves full process flow automation, efficient management of energy data collection, process monitoring, energy medium consumption analysis and energy consumption control. It links energy management with energy production and usage in whole processes seamlessly and improves energy management performance constantly. EMS can help to :  

1. seamlessly integrate management and control system through deploying automation and Information systems

2. perform remote control of workstations through optimized design of monitor & control system

3. flatten energy distribution structure and optimize energy management

The  structure  of Baosgiht’s EMS is shown as follows:

EMS enables the following functions:

1)  Data Collection Function

Collecting energy data for data monitoring, alarm, and statistics analysis

2)  Monitoring Function 

Monitoring and control of power/electricity/water system equipment through the energy management center. Monitoring the processes of energy production, Detecting system failure and alarming.  Playing a role as production command & control center in the iron & steel enterprises, EMS ensures smooth production of main operational lines and safe/stable energy supply, by being in charge of daily energy production dispatch and performing emergent energy distribution during the accidents. Thus, EMS can help to achieve energy saving.

3)  Basic Energy Management Function

Performing basic function for sorting out and analysis of data collected; Determining energy distribution by considering data from production plans. As a supplementary to online management of energy balance dispatch system, Basic Energy Management Function is essential for EMS functions running on full performance and providing support to high level energy management evaluation. It mainly includes following modules :

• Energy supply and demand performance module

• Energy supply and demand planning module

• Energy quality management module

• Energy operational support module

• Energy analysis and forecasting module

Baosight EMS is designed to fully compatible with existing ERP systems for integration and data exchange. It feeds ERP system with EMS basic management data and receives from ERP system with data of overall production plans. It can enhance overall technological advantages and management efficiency of ERP and energy management system.

EMS Major Achievements:

Project Name

Production Capacity

Production Schedule

Engineering Features

Phase I, II and Planned Expansion under the "11th Five-Year Program", Baosteel Energy Management System

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Meishan Iron & Steel's Energy Management System

Nanjing Steel's Energy Management System

Jianlong's (Ningbo Steel) Energy Management System

Maanshan Iron & Steel New Region's Energy Management System

Luojing Factory's Energy Management System (Moved due to the World Expo)

Baosteel Special Steel's Energy Management System

Xinyu Iron & Steel's Energy Management System

Jilin Iron & Steel's Energy Management System

Rizhao Iron & Steel's Energy Management System

Software design and development