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Manufacturing Executive System (MES)
What is MES?
Manufacturing Execution System, or MES, originated from the U.S., is a fairly new concept developed in 1990s. The MESA (Manufacturing Execution System Association International) defines, "Manufacturing Execution Systems deliver information that enables the optimization of production activities from order launch to finished goods. Using current and accurate data, MES guides, initiates, responds to and reports on plant activities as they occur. The resulting rapid response to changing conditions, coupled with a focus on reducing non-value-added activities, delivers effective plant operations and processes. MES provides mission-critical information about production activities across the enterprise and supply chain via bidirectional communications."
MES enables planning and monitoring, production scheduling and real-time WIP (work-in-process) data delivery in the ERP/MES/PCS architectures of the enterprise information management. Thus it plays a critical role in handling various complex issues occurred in the course of the production. Ever since the concept was unveiled, MES has been rapidly deployed in domestic and overseas enterprises over past years. Some software vendors have released their own MES products. Baosight MES is the first commercialized MES software for China's iron & steel enterprises, and it is suitable for all iron & steel enterprises as well as other process manufacturing industries.
Business Scope
BM2, which is provided by Baosight, is a solid vehicle for Baosteel's management innovation, and mainly targets the iron & steel industry. Its products are embodied with advanced management philosophy and technical know-how, and they are suitable for production control and management of product lines in the metallurgical industry, such as iron-making, steel-making, continuous casting, hot-rolling, heavy plate, steel pipe, wire (rod) materials, fusion casting and pressing. Currently, BM2 is extending its application scopes to petrochemical, mining and extracting as well machinery manufacturing sectors. 
When rendering deployment services to domestic manufacturing enterprises, Baosight delivers not only software products, but also the advanced management philosophies and concepts. The company offers general information consulting and planning services, MES and ERP system integration solutions, management technical consolidation and services covering all processes, tiers and cycles.
BM2 products have 10 major modules, including an advanced management function of Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS). See Figure 1
Baosight MES (BM2) Layout
BM2's Technical Features
Strengthen the horizontal integration at each upstream and downstream step such as iron-making, steel-making, continuous casting and hot rolling. 
Establish product specification system and metallurgical specification system, which practically enables to design products in according to users' demands
Apply dynamic cost control optimization to meet the financial-oriented targets
Integrate quality control optimization technologies
Adopt scheduling (APS) technologies 
Employ real-time dynamic order & contract tracking technology
Typical Customer List
• Baosteel Baogang Subsidiary
• Maanshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
• Baosteel Stainless Steel Subsidiary
• Baosteel Meishan Iron & Steel Corp.
• Baosteel & Arcelor Tailor Metal Co., Ltd.
• Baosteel Special Steel Subsidiary
• Lianyuan Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.
• Bengang POSCO Cold-Rolling Light Plate Co., Ltd.
• Jilin Tonghua Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.
• Yantai Lubao Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.
• Baosteel Media & Heavy Plate Subsidiary
• Baotou Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.
• Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
• Xiangtan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
• Jiangsu Shagang Group Co., Ltd.
• Anyang Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.
• Fujian Zijin Copper Industry Co., Ltd.
• Xinjiang Bayi Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Baosteel
• Tianjin Tiantie Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd.
• Hanbao Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
• Anyang Iron & Steel Groiup Co., Ltd.
• Tianjin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
• Jiangsu Shagang Group Co., Ltd.
• Chinalco Southwest Aluminum
• Shandong Laiwu Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.
• Chongqing Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.
• Dongbei Special Steel Group Co., Ltd.
• Xiamen Xiashun Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd.
• Guangzhou JFE Steel Sheet Co., Ltd.
• Handan Iron & Steel
• Jilin Tonghua Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.
• Benxi Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd.