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Baosight is able to provide our clients with all round, whole lifecycle software development design service, spanning from design, development, coding, testing, maintenance, and application development. Our large number of proven projects experience and references are best testimonials of our IT software service ability. Baosight IT Software Service is featured mainly in the areas of Embedded Development, Mainframe Development, BI (Business Intelligence), Collaborative Commerce, MES and ERP.

Embedded Development
Some 400 engineers in Baosight are engaged in providing professional embedded software development service for clients in the areas of automotive components, digital appliances, navigation system and mobile telecommunication, games station, industrial equipment and has established log run stable cooperation with numbers of major overseas electronics products suppliers. 
MES Development
Baosight MES (BM2) is advanced in the industry and has been widely applied in steel, none-ferrous metal, petrochemical industries. In 2008, we start MES development for papermaking clients. Baosight MES establishes an efficient, secured and reliable enterprise application integration basic framework and supports development, integration and managing enterprise application.
Business Intelligence 
Baosight is one of the largest software companies in China that are engaged in enterprise BI area. Baosight provides consultation appraisal, system design, product selection and application development. It enables automatic data acquisition, visualized data analysis, and scientific management decision so as to deduce the cost of info acquisition and enhance the efficiency of info analysis and the level of decision making. 
Mainframe Development
Baosight is rich experienced in the development, migration and running maintenance in mainframe application software. It has incomparable priorities in undertaking IBM mainframe projects with a team experienced in IBM mainframe application software development and the mainframe software development environment in place. Our team has undertaken quite a lot of successful projects for Baosteel. We have cooperation with some mainframe application software development users such as Citicorp and IBM. 
Baosight boasts of rich experience in consultation evaluation, system design, product type selection, application development and package implementation, as well as abundant experience of project management, risk control and system integration in the implementation of ERP in large manufacturing enterprises.
Other Application Development
The other application development covers such areas of, trade& logistics, financial accounting, public service and discrete manufacturing.
1. In Trade and Logistics Area: Online auction solution development support. Tthe procurement, marketing, accounting, warehouse, transportation and finance as well as the info management of customer, vendor and logistics service provider in trade logistics supply chain.
2. In Financial Accounting Area: Banking, security, insurance, futures, and finance company of large group cooperation. Resorting to modern IT technology, it establishes information platform for the info management of relevant business in the finance area.
3. Public Service Area: It provides HRM Platform for World Expo and Comprehensive Statistics Platform for Family Planning Committee of Shanghai.