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Support Service Outsourcing

Support service outsourcing mainly includes technical consultation, technical training, and staff augmentation service.

Technical Training
Baosight provides different kinds of technical training for our clients. One of the typical cases in technical training is the mainframe training for our client, Citicorp. Since 2000, we’ve trained more than 400 mainframe developers for the client and some are working as Baosight employees in clients site for 2 years thereafter.

Technical Consultation
Techincal consultation business in Baosight covers three parts, application platform structure planning, application integration solution and operation maintenance management consultation. Consultation reports delivered to our clients include Overall Informalization Planning Report, Special Business IT Solution, Application Integration Subject Research Report, Project Initiation Proposal Report, Project Feasibility Report, Operation Maintenance Management Consulting Report.

Staff Augmentation
Baosight meticulously screens all new employees from among the best people available in the China market. Once hired, we will train them on the Capability Maturity Model and the latest development tools available. This commitment to hiring and training the best translates into business advantages for customers wishing to reduce time to market and/or ensure quality by augmenting their current development teams, from junior Java developers to Senior Project Managers.

Clients such as Citibank, IBM, HP, Sony, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, NEC, Industry Bank of China have all enjoyed the benefits of utilizing Baosight's professional staff on site. Strong domain knowledge in manufacturing, transportation, financial, power, trading, pharmaceutical and government affairs, along with a background in CMM and RUP processes make Baosight the ideal choice when looking to augment your current development teams.