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Growth History

·1999 Shanghai Baoxi Computer Technology Co., Ltd. incorporated 
·2001 Shanghai Baojing Information Technology Development Co., Ltd.  taken over  
·2002 Shanghai Baokang Electronic Control Engineering Co., Ltd. taken over 
·2002 Baosight Japan Co., Ltd. (sole subsidiary of Baosight)  incorporated  
·2003 Shanghai FirstTech Software Co., Ltd. incorporated, share holding by Baosight with First   Technologies (Cayman) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Baoli Computer Systems Integration Co., Ltd. taken over 

·2006 Shanghai Baoli Automation & Engineering Co., Ltd. (share holding by Baosight), jointly-funded by Hitachi   Ltd. and Hitachi (China) Ltd.  
·2006 Shanghai Meishan Industrial and Civil Engineering Institute Co., Ltd. taken over

·2010 Shanghai Jinshang Network Information Technology Co.,Ltd.and Dalian Baosight Crane Technology Co.,Ltd.   were estabilished. Both are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Baosight.