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Baosight as the largest software company in East China and Shanghai, became public listed in 2001. As the leading outsourcing service provider in China, Baosight commits to its business continuity by taking series of measures at all levels of our business management to identify and resolve company crisis, administrative defects and operational risks at a very early stage. Moreover, comprehensive operational experience gained from the pass nearly three decades formed a robust business continuity plan (BCP) which has been successfully guiding our 365x7x24 hour business operations not being impaired by any natural or unnatural disasters and catastrophes. 
The following measures ensure our commitment to the highest service quality with 100% on-time delivery and 99,99% defect free: 1.Redundancy of IT infrastructure and power supply 2.Fully redundancy of communication backbones 3.Reliable measures ensuring data safety and security 4.Dedicated Team and & resource backups 

IT Infrastructure and Power Supply:
With the highest standard of performance, scalability, reliability and security, the world-class IT infrastructure of Baosight is designed and built to couple with the ever demanding need of the business continuity of Baosight and our customers. The comprehensive, secure IT infrastructure of Baosight ensures all customer data & documents are saved and protected at all times, even by natural or unnatural disasters and catastrophes. 365x7x24 hours uninterruptible power supply to the two distinct datacenters and the entire facility of Baosight is provided by 2 independent power supply systems. In addition, power supply to mainframes and all the servers is provided by online UPS system and moreover, diesel power generator in house offers additional safety of power supply. Our major IT infrastructure includes: a. 17 distinct development sites b. 2 separate datacenters with redundant power supply c. 3 IBM mainframes (9672, 2 in production and 1 as testing and developing machine) d. > 20 Mini Computers (IBM P690, P590, HP Superdome and etc.) e. > 150 high-end servers (IBM RS6000, HP, Compaq and etc.) f. > 3000 workstations g. Redundant power supply (state grid, Baosteel grid & UPS & in-house power generator ) 

Communication Backbones (Internet & Phone)
It’s worth to mention the communication infrastructure of Baosight. With 4 distinct high speed WAN connections and numerous dedicated fiber lines connecting ODC in Shanghai and our overseas clients, the communication backbones of Baosight ensure 100% uninterruptible connectivity between Baosight and the rest of the world. Communication infrastructure of Baosight includes: Voice communication redundancy (6 distinct phone lines) Internet communication redundancy (4distinct high speed WAN connection, several dedicated fiber connections to overseas clients) Isolated Intranet (6 LAN’s, physically isolated) Scalable network architecture and systems 

Reliable Measures Ensuring Data Safety & Security
Besides other measures to protect the data and customer documents, for each datacenter, an intelligent and reliable backup and recovery system in place gives additional safety to your sensible data. If needed, this system is able to restore the complete server and mainframe data at very short time. Moreover, to ensure the highest level of data safety, backups are stored in distinct location. Other safety and security measures to protest your data include: 1. Comprehensive disaster control plan 2. Regular data backup & off-line restoring 3. Firewall protection (at all level of networks) 4. Isolated intranet for ODC of clients 5. Real-time virus protection (at all level of networks) 6. Regular preventive hardware maintenance 7. Regular preventive software maintenance 8. Security guards restricting building access 9. Video surveillance 10.Fire protection system 

Dedicated Team & Resource Backups
The business division “System Maintenance & Services” of Baosight offers a dedicated team of system experts to monitor and maintain all IT facilities of Baosight 365x7x24 hours uninterruptedly. To ensure very high availability of the entire IT infrastructure, ITIL compliant helpdesk and call center ensure quick response and resolution of requests and issues. Adequate backup of professional resources ensures the high availability of resources if they are needed for quick ramp-up or for bridging temporal resource shortage of a project. Moreover, for critical phase of very large project or for saving its deadline, Baosight is able to scale up the team size very quickly in order to 100% ensure the business continuity of our clients.