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Technological Assembly, Industry Expert - Solutions to Automation Industry
Baosight Automation is a leading general contractor of large metallurgical automation engineering in China, and possesses the ability to undertake the services relating to automation independently ranging from plant design, equipment design, independent complete set, software development to system integration, covering the whole processes (from raw materials to finished products, including utility system), all levels (from field electric instruments, basic automation to process computers, including various control models), of metallurgical industry. It also provides a "housekeeper-like" maintenance service for the life -cycle running of automation system. So far, Baosight has altogether undertaken over 200 large and medium-sized automation projects, of which the concluded projects were 100% successful in hand-over and acceptance. Baosight Automation boasts intermediate software product support under independent intellectual property, and the mathematical model and specialist system for guiding production and optimizing control, which forms the unique technical characteristics of Baosight.

International Standards at Home Prices - Solutions to Mechanical-electrical Integration
Baosight accomplished its strategy to be involved into mechanical-electrical integration products and engineering services by evolving from board level, device level to system level. Baosight's mechanical-electrical integration business mainly focuses on the mechanical-electrical integration products and engineering highly incorporating machinery, optics, electricity, software, embedded system, etc. Baosight mechanical-electrical integration has developed the following products and done substantial field work on them: SteelKiss, steel pipe measuring point (including measuring, weighing, stenciling, color circle), on-line strip steel perforation testing system, on-line strip steel comprehensive surface testing system, non-oxidation full-hydrogen bell-type annealing furnace sets, intelligent driving positioning system, etc. The service centre under Baosight mechanical-electrical integration has the ability to provide the customer with life-cycle after-sales services for localized products around the clock and the ability to provide maintenance and first aid repair services for 3-electricity equipment. We also provide home-made substitutes for the hard-to-buy spare parts of the equipment which has exceeded service life.

A Monitoring Specialist with Free Scheduling - Intelligent Industrial Solutions
Based on its independently developed integrated monitoring platform (iCentroView), Baosight possesses the know-how to undertake the planning and consultancy, integrating and general contracting management of large and medium-sized intelligence system projects, and special engineering of relevant sub-systems, covering intelligent traffic, intelligent buildings, coal mine safety, water conservancy, and many other sectors. Baosight's iCentroView is a platform software product featuring high-grade integration and universality; of the electronics development funds "Advanced Monitoring and Management System for Urban Road Traffic" under the Ministry of Information Industry, which is undertaken by Baosight Software, 3 invention patent applications have been filed, and 7 software copyrights have been registered. "Urban Traffic Monitoring & Commanding Platform" software, which was developed and based on iCentroView, was titled as national key and new product; the project integrating production, development and research "Theoretical System, Key Technology, and Engineering Applications of Urban Road Intelligent Traffic System" won the Second Prize for Scientific & Technological Progress.

Growing Vigorously and Going Abroad - Software Outsourcing Business
The business connection of Baosight Software has extended to such countries and regions as Japan, America, Germany, and Singapore. Up to now, Baosight Software has entered into close strategic partnership with DENSO, NEC, HITACHI, MITSUBISHI, SONY and many other strategic key accounts. In the embedded software fields for auto electronics, digital household appliances and 3G mobile phones, etc., Baosight has done substantial development work on them and accumulated a lot of experience in design and development. Baosight Software also possesses unique technical advantages in undertaking the outsourcing business in terms of automatic controlling, IBM mainframe computers and other sectors.

3-All Services and Perfect Delivery - IT Operational Maintenance Services
BaoSight has offices and subsidiaries in all the major cities of China providing different enterprises with the operational maintenance services for mainframe computers, mini computers, PC servers, networks, databases and IT applications It has more than 100 long-term IT operational maintenance service customers nationwide, covering various fields and industries such as steel, finance, health, government and intelligent traffic. It also makes available the 5×9 or 7×24 hours customer service and on-site support to the customers. Baosight has been dedicated to introducing the internationally advanced service concept (ITIL) and initiated IT operational maintenance philosophy featuring "All the life-cycle", "All the processes" and "All levels", thus ensuring customers a continuing and stable running of IT system. Baosight boasts all-around technical talents, perfect IT service managerial expertise, abundant IT spare parts on stock and state-of-the-art maintenance equipment and tools. And the customer service center accepts and handles over 8000 IT service requests each month.