Baosight Energy Managemant System Is A Way To Help Protecting Our Green Planet

Shanghai Baosight Software Company was established in 1979 as the automation division for Baosteel Group (ranking 298 in Fortune 500). It became public listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange in April 2001. We are one of the biggest IT companies and Most Competent IT Service Provider in China, especially in the manufacturing industry and especially strong in embedded software development. The project size varies from six man months to thousands of man months with largest project amount exceeding USD25 million. 
Company Highlights
• One of the largest software companies in China    
• Public listed since April 2001 with good financial performance       
• AAA Credit level certified by New Century Credit Evaluation    
• Accredited with ISO9001,ISO14000,ISO18000, CMMI5, CMM 5    
• Certified with Top Grade National System Integrator    
• Qualified with QHSE (quality, health, safety and environment) certification
Our Talented Team(Since 1998 in outsourcing business)
Currently, Baosight Software owns 2,582 staff.  90.5% of the employees at least have the bachelor degrees including 27 doctor degree holders and 758 master degree holders. The company has 16 professorate senior engineers, 36 system integration project mangers and 189 PMPs, who are experts in various technological and management fields.

Outsourcing Experience
• Well established in Japanese market with two local operations in Tokyo and Osaka    
• Renowned and distinguished clients lists, IBM, Citicorp, Philips, Siemens, Microsoft, Applied Material, ING,   Extenda, Denso, NEC, Hitachi, Sony, Futjitsu, Mitsubishi    
• Communication skill, project leaders and most project staff speak customer language even appoint native speakers as project leader in some cases.     
• Focus on embedded software development (automotive components, digital appliance, mobile phone) and   application development in financial, manufacturing, transportation, power, trading and government affairs. 
Customer IP Protection
• Since we start involving in outsourcing business, we've keenly felt the biggest concern of our clients is security.  We  make detailed plan and implemented seriously on all security measures to be fully in conformity with clients'IP protection  requirements.     
• Baosight is the model software company in IP Protection in Shanghai.     
• Conformity Certification of System for Information Security in China which is comparable to ISO 17799    
• Physical security measures in place including but not limited to, CCTV camera covering doorways, separate   workspaces with security badge access levels, high security (biometric) locks on server rooms, secured phones,   secured printers, secured faxes,separate LANs, disabled computers that unable to insert USB or other third party   devices, firewalls, anti-intrusion detection and offsite backup.    
• Our security measures can be tailored as per specific clients.    
• The Process Improvement Dept. conduct periodical security review and audit 
• All outsourcing business is undertaken by a specialized division, which is relatively independent and has   dedicated   development room. It's pure service provider and has no interest in the IP of the clients. We agree the   IP of our   development work belongs to our clients in the outsourcing case.